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Can opening machine

For industry, food production and commercial kitchens, pneumatically operated. Whether manual or fully automatic: efficiency and reliability in food processing.

Can Opener Fully Automatic
Vacuum processing machine

Vacuum processing machine

Without any undesirable air entry, free-flowing solids and liquids are drawn directly into the process vessel via the homogenizing tool, dispersed and emulsified. The product is returned to the interior of the vessel via the recirculation line.

Corundum disc mill for wet grinding

The functions of the corundum disc grinding system are comminution of liquid to viscous products with solid content in the food processing sector.

Corundum disc mill for wet grinding type K-MT
K-VE vacuum deaerator

Vacuum deaerator

he vacuum deaeration system is used to deaerate liquid to highly viscous products that have not been produced under vacuum and thus have air pockets. The plant operates continuously and usually forms the last unit of a production line.


The new development from Kaltenbach for the revolutionary production of fine fruit and vegetable purees directly from frozen raw products. The machine is used, for example, for the preparation of food for patients with swallowing difficulties, smoothies, ready meals, fruit preparations.

VeggieWonder food processor