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CEM 600-NT

This video introduces the fully automatic can opening machine CEM-600 and shows how it works. Using the example of pineapples in cylindrical cans, the steps of opening, emptying and crushing are shown. First the lid is punched out before the can is emptied by tipping. After the lid has been removed, the empty can is crushed. The ejection of the crushed cans and the lids and the removal of the product from the machine are also shown.

CEM 1200-NT und CEM 2200-NT

The video shows a possible machine configuration with a washing tunnel for the full cans that are fed into the machine, and a conveyor belt for the removal of the empty crushed cans. The focus is on the operation of the fully automatic can opening machines CEM-1200/2200. The full cans are fed in via an infeed roller conveyor and perforated at the bottom with spikes to empty the flowable contents such as mango pulp in this example. The cans are then rinsed in the rinsing station with sterile compressed air and water. The cans are crushed in a further step. The crushed cans are transported away on a conveyor belt while the emptied product is discharged of the collection container by a pump.


The video shows how the HDO-100 manual can opening machine works, demonstrating the automatic centering of the cylindrical can and the subsequent punching out of the lid. The video also shows the process of crushing the emptied can. The format change for cylindrical cans with a larger diameter is also illustrated.