Fully automatic can opener CEM

Can Opener Fully Automatic

High performance for sophisticated workflows

Our fully automatic can openers in the CEM series open, empty, clean and crush cylindrical cans. With up to 2200 cans per hour, these industrial can openers are suitable for integration into processes in the food industry. The fully automatic series hygienically processes different can formats without retooling the machine.

Technical data of the CEM series

TYPECEM 2.0CEM-1200CEM-2200
Output cans / h90012002200
Productsallliquid / low viscosityliquid / low viscosity
Can sizes kg2+3+5 / 10+122+3+52+3+5

Our various models of fully automatic can opening machines including the new CEM 2.0 are characterized by their space-saving design. The entire machine, punching knives and punching heads are made of stainless steel.

The machines in the CEM series are extremely versatile and can easily open cylindrical cans that meet industrial standards of 2 kg, 3 kg and 5 kg, with can diameters ranging from 153 mm to 157 mm. They also process cans weighing 10 kg and 12 kg with can diameters between 230 mm and 233 mm. Regardless of the weight of the cans, can heights from 115 mm to 310 mm can be opened without time-consuming format changes, which reduces set-up times to a minimum.

Thanks to the can rinsing device they achieve an impressive emptying rate of up to 98%, which increases productivity and minimizes waste. The integrated can crushing device is another feature worth mentioning. This technology reduces the volume of waste by up to 80 %. This not only minimizes the space required for disposal, but also reduces the environmental impact by reducing the frequency of waste disposal.

Advantages of fully automatic can opening machines

With our fully automatic can opening machines you benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Our machines are characterized by low energy consumption.
  • The CEM model is low-maintenance, which makes your investment even more attractive in the long term.
  • Our machines are designed so that you can get by with a minimum of operating personnel.

Our can opening machines of the CEM series are extremely versatile and adapt to the most diverse requirements in the food and beverage industries. They are suitable for both continuous and batch operation. Operation is simple and the possibility of quick cleaning ensures a smooth production process and any product changeover in your factory.

Views of our CEM machines



  • Entire machine made of stainless steel
  • Punching knives made of stainless steel
  • Stainless steel punching heads
  • Quick-change punching knife
  • Blow-out device for optimal emptying
  • Reduction of waste volume by 80% due to crushing
  • Easy cleaning
  • Can washing tunnel – optional


Presentation CEM-600, COM, HDO

Presentation CEM-1200 and CEM-2200

Brochure CEM-600

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Functioning of the CEM-1200 and CEM-2200

The CEM-1200 and CEM-2200 can openers are specially designed to meet the needs of the beverage industry. These machines are high-performance machines that open cans with a capacity of 3 kg and empty the contents. Cans with liquid and pasty contents such as mango concentrate are processed without any problems. The CEM-1200 is capable of processing 1200 cans per hour while the CEM-2200 is even more powerful and can process 2200 cans per hour.

The full cans are fed into the machine via an infeed roller conveyor. The cans are opened using special pricks that penetrate the bottom from below. Most of the contents flow out of the can through the openings. The cans are then transported to the rinsing station. There they are rinsed with a mixture of sterile compressed air and water. To keep the volume of waste as low as possible the cans are then forwarded to the can crushing device. There they are automatically crushed and then transported down a chute into a container for disposal. The product is collected in a collection container and transported further by a pump.

Can loading

Step 1

Can opening with spikes

Step 2


Step 3


Step 4

Can crushing device and can ejection

Step 5

Product outlet

Step 6

Functioning of the CEM 2.0

The CEM 2.0 is a fully automatic can opening machine used in the food industry. It is mainly used in companies that produce ready meals, pizzas, delicatessen salads or fruit preparations. The CEM 2.0 is capable of processing up to 900 cans per hour. In addition to cans with liquid or paste-like contents such as tomato concentrate, it also processes cans with chunky contents such as olives or pineapple.

Like the CEM-1200 and CEM-2200 models, the CEM 2.0 performs the steps of opening, emptying, rinsing and crushing the cans. In standard operation, the machine is loaded with cans manually.

The opening and emptying process of the CEM 2.0 differs from that of the CEM-1200 and CEM-2200. With the CEM 2.0 the full cans are transported to the opening station where a punching knife punches out the lid and holds it in place. The can lids are ejected before the next can is opened and transported out of the machine via the can ejection chute. The opened can is then transported to the emptying station. Here, the can is tilted by 180°, which enables to empty it and collect its contents in a container. The emptied cans are passed on with the opening facing downwards and rinsed. The rinsed cans are crushed and conveyed into the same ejection chute.

Modular machine extension

We offer you comprehensive solutions for expanding your CEM machine. Our versatile extensions optimize your production processes and increase the performance of your system. Our range of extensions includes the integration of a can washing system directly upstream of your CEM machine. This system cleans, disinfects and blows off the cans. We also offer solutions for the smooth feeding of full cans into the CEM machine, the removal of the crushed cans and the lids and the gentle transfer of the products via conveyor belts or pumps.
We provide you with expert advice, help you with the planning, take care of the engineering, shipping, customs clearance, installation and commissioning and also carry out the CE certification of your entire KA-Process system.



Maintenance and inspection

Even though our machines are low-maintenance machines, regular inspection is the key to ensuring the availability and extending the service life of can opening machines. Our technicians carry out inspections and maintenance in order to detect and rectify any faults at an early stage.

Repairs and spare parts

If your machine needs to be repaired, we are there for you. We have an extensive range of original wear and spare parts, which ensures that your can openers are ready for use again in the shortest possible time.

Training and support

Our CEM series can openers are easy to operate by trained personnel. During commissioning, our experts provide the operating personnel with the knowledge and skills they need to operate the machines safely. In addition, our support team is available to answer your questions and concerns.

FAQ about the fully automatic can opener CEM

Which cans are KA-PROCESS machines suitable for?

Our CEM and HDO can opening and emptying machines open round cans in various formats. Specifically, our machines can process cans with a diameter between 153 mm and 157 mm and between 230 mm and 233 mm. The height of the cans can vary from 115 mm to 310 mm.

If you have special can formats, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements. Our experienced team will be happy to help you find the best possible solution for your needs.

When is the CEM 2.0 the right machine for me?

The CEM is a fully automatic machine that has been specially developed for conventional cans in the food and beverage industries. It is characterized by a high hourly output of up to 900 cans of any content, whether with vegetable or fruit pieces, whether with pasty or liquid products. The cans are opened, emptied, rinsed if necessary and reduced in volume using a can crushing device.

Whether you are opening just one can format in continuous operation or several formats in batch operation, the CEM is exactly the right machine for high-performance applications.

Which power connections do I need for the CEM 2.0?

The cans are opened, emptied, rinsed and crushed pneumatically. In addition to a compressed air connection, a power connection for the control unit and a water connection for flushing the cylinder piston rods are also required.

What is the difference between the CEM-1200/2200 and the CEM 2.0?

The CEM-1200/2200 is a machine designed exclusively for liquid and slightly pasty products in cans. Cans with chunky contents cannot be opened on the CEM-1200/2200 as the lid is only pierced, but not punched out and removed as on the CEM 2.0 and HDO-100.

Which power connections do I need for the CEM-1200/2200?

The cans are opened, emptied, rinsed and crushed pneumatically. In addition to a compressed air connection, a power connection for the control unit and a water connection for rinsing the cans are also required.

Is it necessary to exchange format parts with the CEM 2.0?

Changing from the small format with a diameter of 153 mm – 157 mm to the large format with a diameter of 230 mm – 233 mm does not entail a change of format parts. This is done automatically by pressing a button on the control panel. The punching head is equipped with 2 punching knives for both can formats.

Do different can heights with the same diameter require a format change?

No. The CEM machine controls the punching of the lids independently of the can heights.

How can I clean the machine?

The machines can be foamed, sprayed and disinfected with the cleaning agents and concentrations commonly used in the food industry.

How much product remains in the can?

The unique can rinsing device of the CEM 2.0 enables an emptying rate of up to 98% to be achieved, depending on the product.

Are the machines stand-alone machines or can they be integrated into lines?

The CEM 2.0 not only offers the option of stand-alone use, but can also be seamlessly integrated into complete production lines.

For a comprehensive production solution, we can plan and implement a complete line around the CEM 2.0. This can include a can washing system, conveyor belts for feeding full cans, removing empty cans and conveyor belts or pumps for further product processing. The risk assessment and CE certification of the entire line designed and supplied by us are naturally included in our scope of services.

If you already use existing production lines with conveyor belts or pumps, we can integrate the CEM 2.0 into these systems to increase your productivity and optimize the entire production process.

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